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Smartwave 4200CC
Smartwave 3500CC
Smartwave 3500 (Open)



SMARTWAVE 3500 (Open)

smartwave 4200cc


  • Material and Construction: SmartWave boats are constructed using a roto-molded polyethylene process. This manufacturing technique involves molding the boat from a single piece of plastic, which results in a seamless, durable, and strong hull. Polyethylene is highly resistant to impact, corrosion, and UV radiation, making SmartWave boats suitable for various water and weather conditions. 

  • Stability: One of the standout features of SmartWave boats is their stability. The hull design and wide beam contribute to excellent stability both at rest and in motion. This stability is particularly beneficial for activities such as fishing, diving, and water sports.

  • Durability: SmartWave boats are known for their rugged construction and resistance to damage. Polyethylene is less prone to cracking, chipping, and fading compared to traditional materials like fiberglass or aluminum.

  • Versatility: SmartWave offers a range of boat models designed for different purposes, including fishing, family outings, water sports, and general recreational boating. Some models come with features such as rod holders, seating options, and storage compartments.


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