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These boats differ primarily in organization of the cockpit inner space as well as its equipment with various lockers for storage and fishing rods, built-in aerators and developed fish-platforms, both at bow and at stern of the boat. The series birth was preceded by a painstaking work with leading professional sports anglers,  multiple champions and the competition winners. It is based on the most successful in terms of hydrodynamics and seaworthiness hulls with a powerful set. 4mm bottom shell, complex contours with a variable dead rise and lengths, which are sufficient for a comfortable fishing. The common features for all the boats of this series are: the absence of plywood and fibreglass in the construction, a spacious bow fish-platform with 4 lockers, lengthwise box-lockers along the sides for long objects storage, a stern fish-platform.

UMS 545DC Fishing

  • Length 503 cm
    Width 207 cm
    Weight (w/o engine) 455 kg
    Hull Depth 96 cm
    Rec. Motor 90 hp
    Shaft Length Long
    Max. Load 440 kg
    Max. no. Passengers 6
    Power Supply 12V DC
    Category C



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