BFT60 from £8840

Tohatsu 4-stroke 60HP benefits: High output 17 amp alternator that produces nearly twice as many charging amps as some competitors Weighing in at only 243 lbs makes the BFT60 one of the lightest motors in its class The BFT60 hp tiller version offers a full 50 degrees of steering to port and to starboard Double sealed multi-layered paint process to help protect against corrosion Ultra-low 3 star CARB emission approved 5 Year limited warranty High performance and easy operation: Programmed fuel injection for optimum performance * BLAST, Boosted Low Speed Torque system which controls Air / Fuel mixture and ignition timing and improves hole shot performance *ECOmo lean burn control system allowing combustion to operate on a leaner air / fuel mixture at cruising speed for superior fuel efficiency *VVT&LC variable valve timing improves idling and torque producing an extended profile and efficiency at speed Powerful 35amp alternator and rectifier for battery charging Power trim and tilt Standard Side Mount Rig Kit includes Premium Polished Stainless Steel Bezel Tachometer with built in Hourmeter along with a Trim Meter to match Optional upgrade rigging kits are available to Topmount, Flushmount and Twin Controls Optional gauges available Fundamentals for user conveinence and relaibility: 4 Step corrosion protection as a result of double sealed multi layered paint process. Speedometer pickup Ask your Tohatsu Dealer about the optional Garmin GMI 20 Instrument up-grade ! Warning and protection: Low oil pressure warning Overheating alert Alternator charging alert Safety Lanyard Over-rev limiter