Tohatsu Marine

Delivering Reliability

What makes Tohatsu outboards different? While other manufacturers focus on building higher horsepower engines, Tohatsu's focus has always been on building the most reliable engines.  Tohatsu's huge range of 4-Stroke and award-winning TLDI engines also include some of the lowest emission outboards available.  Tohatsu engines deliver both power you can rely on and all the benefits of lower emissions.

Try a Tohatsu and experience the difference.  The difference is reliability.


MFS2.5 from £583
MFS3.5 from £635
MFS4 from £843
MFS5 from £921
MFS6 from £1010
MFS6 SP from £1174
MFS8 from £1673
MFS9.8 from £1841
MFS15 from £2008
MFS20 from £2287
MFS25 from £2824
MFS30 from £3236
MFS40 from £5400
MFS50 from £6600
BFT60 from £8840
BFT75 from £9420
BFT90 from £9700
BFT115 from £11480
BFT150 from £13585
BFT200 from £15650
BFT225 from £17170
BFT250 from £18600
MD40 TLDI from £5007
MD50 TLDI from £5693
MD75 TLDI from £7653
MD90 TLDI from £7773
MD115 TLDi from £9171