Suzuki Marine

Suzuki offer a great range of outboards starting at 2.5HP up to 300HP to suit your 'Way of Life'.

Suzuki lead the industry in converting to four-stroke technology, building outboards that push the boundaries of power and performance with some of the lightest, most compact outboards in their class.  Suzuki engineers have now chartered a new course in addressing rising fuel costs with a range of outboards that deliver remarkable fuel economy without sacrificing power and performance. With Suzuki's Lean Burn Control Technology, Suzuki is again at the forefront, delivering class leading fuel efficiency that lets boaters spend more time on the water and less time at the fuel dock.


DF2.5 from £620
DF4 from £1010
DF5 from £1060
DF6 from £1170
DF8A from £2080
DF9.9A from £2470
DF15A from £2800
DF20A from £3300
DF25A from £4200
DF30A from £5200
DF40A from £6100
DF50A from £7400
DF60A from £8400
DF70A from £8900
DF80A from £9600
DF90A from £9900
DF100A from £11200
DF115A from £12700
DF140A from £14400
DF150TG from £15600
DF175TG from £17000
DF200A from £18500
DF225 from £20000
DF250AP from £20500
DF300AP from £23700