With the dedication of a family business that build boats that they love, accompanied by a hull guarantee of 10 years and a reputation for building the best in Dutch day boats and cruisers since 1994, Interboat must be seen and experienced if you are looking for the best way to enjoy boating.

Interboat customers often return for another Interboat or Intercruiser model, progressing through the range as best suits them: proving that Interboat has a quality and style to it which is acknowledged and adored.

Interboat understands the importance of building you your tailored boat to maximise your enjoyment of life on the water: a core purpose that perfectly mirrors our dedication to matching you with your perfect boat.


Interboat prides itself on building boats they love, all of which share certain characteristics:

  • Stability: stepping into these boats from the pontoon or bank you will notice how solid the boats are
  • Quality: handmade from the fibreglass through to the decking, these are high quality Dutch built boats at their best
  • Practicality: are you bringing all the family on board and needing seating for them? Are you entertaining and in need of lots of cool storage? Do you need a toilet? A cabin? Or two? All of this is possible with Interboat and Intercruiser.
  • Style: from traditional looks to modern styling, whatever your preference there will be an Interboat for you which you can further tailor the looks of.

You will find that an Interboat is far more than a boat: she is exquisite escapism.


Those with an eye for quality will notice the passion and the traditional Dutch craftsmanship that the Schuiten family dedicate to both the design and build of each individual craft.

The inspiration for the entire Interboat workforce is to build boats of solid high quality, combining excellent cruising capabilities with the best possible style and comfort.

From their modern factory in Loosdrecht, Holland, each boat is made through a meticulous build process that sees everything from the fibreglass through to the fitting of the instruments done by hand.

This degree of devotion, through rock solid design and implementation, is given to every one of the 250 boats built each year.

All Interboat and Intercruiser boast a high quality finish which can only be achieved from the care and attention that goes into a handmade boat, with a finesse that catches more than the eye – it captures your heart.


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